ColdFusion Development

The CFML programming language (originally released as ColdFusion) is a programming language that offers a framework and feature-set that facilities rapid development of web-applications.

ColdFusionLogoThese rapid development features include: integrated PDF generation, simplified implementation of web-services, integrated security roles, simple database interactivity (ORM), rich web components such as in-browser spreadsheets, and much more. In addition to these rapid development features, CFML offers Enterprise-scale scalability & reliability features such as clustering & J2EE application server deployment.

N-VisionIT’s development team are experts in CFML and the application servers upon which it runs. This includes not only ColdFusion but also Lucee, Railo and BlueDragon. The team’s programming capabilities allow them to take maximum advantage of CFML’s capabilities but they are further extended through our familiarity with programming frameworks such as Fusebox, Model-Glue and ColdBox.