MacLeod of Glenelg is a Library and Professional Office Resource Company, national in scope. With their online catalog, they are able to sell their products to a broader audience.


Initial Situation

MacLeod of Glenelg approached us looking to develop an online presence from which they could post their catalog of products and accept orders. They had no existing web site at that time.

Our Role

N-VisionIT Interactive was the sole supplier for this project. All tasks including project management, analysis of business flow and system requirements, development, design, and implementation of the system were completed by us.

Interactive Solutions

We have built a custom site that allows the administrator to manage the product catalog and accept orders from customers. Users of the site are able to browse as they like and create accounts to submit orders.

At this time no payments are processed through the site, they are handled via invoice by the staff at MacLeod of Glenelg. However, there is a shopping cart system in place and users simply submit their personal information with their order and are invoiced separately for payment.

The site also has comprehensive tracking for orders and abandoned carts so that administrators can see what is popular and what is not.


MacLeod of Glenelg has been quite successful since the launch of the site and has seen a steady increase in orders over time. As further enhancements are planned and prepared, the site will only continue to grow.