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I’m extremely happy with the new system – I already can’t remember what life was like before it! Thank you for having such a great team and making my life easier by providing such great service and of course, such a great product.

Sudbury Fitcamp was my second project with Brent and his NVisionIT team. It started with a casual conversation on how to increase membership in my women’s only fitness program and has led me to a beautiful website and over tripling my student base in less than two weeks of the website going live! Busy entrepreneurs will appreciate how the NVisionIT team clearly lays out their expectations of you as far as content for the site goes. Right after my initial conversation Brent sent me an email outlining exactly what I needed to do to move forward. Brent’s advice and expertise went beyond just website development. He advised me in promoting my business on social media sites as well as ‘deal-of-the-day’ websites, kijiji etc. which has also contributed to my success! Thank you NVisionIT.


This is now my ‘go to’ company for website development work. I am happy to refer others to them as well, since I know anyone I send to them will have a great experience. I look forward to seeing them grow, as I have no doubt they will, as their reputation grows.


N-VisionIT has helped us revolutionize the facebook app industry by creating a fully integrated multi-tasking app that few other developers have ever designed. We had many different developers to choose from and it was a no brainer to go with N-VisionIT just based on the detailed product proposal we received from them. You could tell they spent a great deal of time thinking about the project as if it was their idea. It is a great feeling when you choose a company at the start of the project and by the end you know you chose the right company. N-VisionIT produces a product that looks professional and simple to the eye that continues to work efficiently for all users. Thanks guys.


N-VisionIT has now completed release 1.0 of a website development project, and overall I have been exceptionally pleased. They do excellent work, deliver on-time, and are very professional. Most important to me is that they feel like a business partner operating with my best interests in mind. There have been many changes throughout the project, and these have been handled seamlessly and effectively. I’m sure I could have got a lower initial quote from a developer in India, but I absolutely shudder to think of the enormous difficulties I would have had along the way trying to work with a cut-rate shop that did not have my best interests in mind. Highly recommended.

Project Manager is Amazing!

…I just wanted to take a moment to thank you about your team’s performance. Your project manager is amazing! Courteous, polite, professional and caring…