Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing allows you to market your products & services to new customers in an extremely targeted way through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media Marketing should be an extension of every organization’s standard marketing efforts and offers benefits that traditional marketing efforts can’t match. N-VisionIT’s digital marketing experts are skilled in leveraging social media to help businesses acquire new customers and increase their brand awareness.

Setup of Social Media Profiles

Let our digital marketing team setup your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube profiles with imagery and textual information about your organization that complements & enhances your overall brand strategy.

Campaign Management

Ensure that you are taking maximum advantage of what social media marketing has to offer by relying on our digital marketing team to manage your social media marketing efforts. Our social media experts will design & post new content to your social media presence regularly and reply to inquiries from social media followers as necessary. Here are some of the ways that having social media expert perform these tasks generates results:

  • Creative Content Creation
    Our digital marketing experts create attractive graphics and compelling textual content that will engage social users.

  • Trend Awareness
    Our experts follow social media trends and know when & how to leverage them (and when to stop).

  • Timing Awareness
    Our experts know what days and times-of-day to post certain types of content for maximum uptake.

  • Platform-Specific Knowledge
    Our experts understand the intricacies of the various social networks and how to use them effectively. e.g. How to use hashtags effectively, who to follow or follow back, how to format images for best visibility, etc.

  • Professional Responses
    Our experts can reply to social media inquiries on your behalf in ways that will enhance your brand, even if the inquiry was a complaint or other negative sentiment.

  • Ongoing Monitoring & Improvement
    Our experts have a suite of tools they can use to monitor the results of their efforts and they can adapt as necessary if opportunities present themselves.