Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing allows you to "turn on the tap" of new clients arriving to your website from search-engines. The paid (also called PPC) ads are prominently placed, cost-effective, and can be enabled or disabled as desired based on your business capacity.

We are often asked: "Why would I pay for ads on a search-engine when I can do SEO for free?"

SEO’s a wonderful thing, but there are plenty of good reasons to use both techniques to drive new business to your website from search engines. PPC ads offer:

  • Prominent Placement
    Paid ads appear in more prominent locations in the search-engine results than organic results.

  • More Control Over Ad Display
    Ad creation tools allow for multiple lines of ad copy, geographical targeting, multiple links, and more.

  • Measurable & Testable
    Ad platforms offer robust tools to monitor and adjust your ad spend, and easy ways to perform side-by-side tests of multiple campaigns.

  • Immediate Results
    Organic search results can take weeks or months to take effect whereas paid ads can be enabled or disabled anytime.

  • Low Up-Front Cost
    In some cases, it can be more costly to perform a full site review and content rewrite for SEO purposes than to setup paid ads.

It’s important to setup and manage your search-engine ads correctly to ensure that your ad monies are not wasted. N-VisionIT’s digital marketing team are experts at designing ads and campaigns for a wide variety of industries. Contact us today for information about how we can drive new customers to your website.