offers the largest selection of blank media in Canada, personal customer service and competitive prices. With over 30,000 customers and growing, they have earned our reputation as one of the leading retailers for blank media products and accessories. Blankmedia has become a leading e-commerce company in Canada, committed to offering Canadians a safe shopping experience, rapid delivery and stellar customer service.



Initial Situation

Client had a previous website built on ASP classic which was being deprecated by the introduction of ASP.NET. With the requirement to make a change came the opportunity for us to make a better website.

Our Role

We rebuilt the site using Wordpress and WooCommerce and have made many enhancements to fit specific business requirements. Performance enhancements to handle the large number of products which all had to be transitioned from their previous system into WooCommerce.

Interactive Solutions

With a number of regulatory and specialized taxation laws relating to the sale of recordable media we created a custom report which met all the requirements set out by CPCC as well as handling CPCC levy exemptions.

We've made a number of Search Engine Optimizations including improved URLs, creation of a Google Merchant product feed and use of Product Rich Snippets to improve visibility in search results.

Additionally customization needed to be made to order fulfillment to choose the best option from multiple warehouse locations and to handle shipping calculation for full skids.

Finally - a secure payment gateway was built using the E-xact API