N-VisionIT Interactive met with the client as they wanted to redesign his website to be more professional and visually appealing in order to excite their audiences and extend value to the charities and companies that WRECK MMA benefits. A visually appealing and modernized look and feel, an engaging website was created that brings together the mixed martial arts (MMA) community involved in every WRECK MMA event - the fans, the charities and the companies.

Initial Situation

WRECK MMA is world-class mixed martial arts (MMA) event that is presented in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. Often touted as a positive influence on the community, working with and donating to charitable organizations and important causes each event that they run. Their website simply did not match the image that they were trying to portray, and in order to ensure that they could make a significant contribution to the community and charities that they desired to help, it was essential that it be updated.

Our Role

N-VisionIT Interactive was responsible for assessing their current website, brainstorming and conceptualizing a revised layout and professional look and feel that would match the world class mixed martial arts (MMA) events put on by WRECK MMA. N-VisionIT emphasized the importance of catering to fans, charities and businesses in order to maximize the value provided to all stakeholders. With a fully detailed plan, N-VisionIT performed all tasks including project management, analysis of business flow and system requirements, development, and implementation of the new website.

Interactive Solutions

N-VisionIT Interactive has provided the client with a content-management driven website powered by Joomla CMS that maximizes search engine optimized pages while enabling easy content editing.


Our client has stated that the new website has been a tremendous asset in helping to consistently grow the community awareness about WRECK MMA. The number of fans, charities and businesses that have become involved with WRECK MMA has consistently increased as a result of the hard work and dedication of the staff at WRECK MMA combined with the professional, visually appealing and engaging website presence.