Screendash has the ability to instantly crop, capture and upload your screenshot to the web. Hotkeys enable users to take screenshots and instantly upload them without 3rd party software. After you take a screenshot or upload an image you can add cool photo effects such as sepia tone, black and white, invert, cartoon style, and change the color of your image. You also have the ability to add cool text, draw, add shapes, erase, crop, bucket fill, and add watermarks. You can use paint and photo editing at the same time!


Initial Situation

ScreenDASH! is a Windows-based application that enables users to capture and edit screenshots. Changes in technology have enabled clients like ScreenDASH! to build brand awareness. The Twitter API offered an exciting new platform to extend their marketing and awareness efforts and offer fun new ways to interact with their users.

Our Role

N-VisionIT created an application integrating the Twitter API that would ensure that ScreenDASH!'s loyal following of thousands of users will receive updates several times per day.


Within 2 weeks, the application has directly contributed to driving users to the website adding 30% more traffic!