No Offshore Outsourcing

No Offshore Outsourcing

All of the N-VisionIT Interactive staff work as a team in our Ottawa, Canada office. We are often contracted by companies that were tempted by low-cost offshore development but wound up with a low-quality, inadequate, or nonexistent product as a result. Part of our commitment to quality consists of ensuring we have the benefit of streamlined communication by working as a team in-person during consistent, North American business hours. A whiteboard session in the boardroom when working through complex technical details can make all the difference... A few of the other benefits of this approach include:

  • Staff are all natively English speaking which makes communication easier and more precise.
  • Business hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time. No need to stay up until midnight for a meeting.
  • Our office is much easier and cost-effective for North American clients to visit, if needed, than overseas locations.
  • Staff can better relate to our clients' business goals since we are members of the economy they are serving.
  • No risk of programming code being documented in a foreign language which can make maintenance difficult.
  • All work done is considered "Work for Hire" under U.S. and Canada copyright law and all source materials are owned by you once it is paid for. You won't be suprised with a hefty, blackmail "buyout fee" at the end of the project to obtain your final product.
  • Much lower risk since legal proceedings with foreign countries are often futile.

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Their work was stellar. Highly professional and competent. I will use them again. A++

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