Our Methodology

N-VisionIT Interactive follows a guideline for working with our customers. These processes serve as our core project life-cycle and allow us to identify and meet the goals of every project we undertake.

Initial Assessment

Intital AssessmentThis stage of our project life is spent defining the overall goals and requirements of the project at hand as well as the goals of our customers themselves. This stage also encompasses target-market analysis and competitive analysis. These aspects are analyzed to determine the best structure and format for a client's web solution.

Planning and Design

Intital AssessmentThis stage sees the creation of the solution's technical infrastructure, navigational structure, features, and look-and-feel. These aspects are communicated to our customers in the form of flowcharts, mock-up images, and mock-up pages.


Intital AssessmentTypically the longest of the project, this stage encompasses the actual programming, technology integration, and content gathering, creation and integration needed to provide a working solution.

Quality-Assurance & Roll-Out

Intital AssessmentAt this stage, the solution we have created will be tested both internally and by our client. Once everyone is satisfied that the project's goals have been met, the project is put into production.


Intital AssessmentN-VisionIT Interactive is committed to maintaining our solutions. This means that any problems that may arise due to errors on our end will be fixed expediently and at no charge, within the first 60 days of going live. Other maintenance services include additions or regular changes to web solutions and are typically charged on a yearly maintenance contract or on a per-item basis.

Ongoing Services

Intital AssessmentWe are always eager to retain long-term relationships with our customers and enjoy meeting with them regularly to see how their business-models have changed and to analyze whether their eBusiness Strategies need to evolve. We aim to be a trusted partner of our clients, on whom they can rely to give them advice and eBusiness support.